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Thread: Blazer value for the future

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    Blazer value for the future

    Hi folks,

    I've seen and heard about Blazers selling for wildly high and very low amounts, and I can't figure it out - if it's regional, based on how original it is, or how modified it is, or how clean it is.

    I got mine for a total steal because the interior was ruined and the truck sat for a year. I have Chevy people telling me that I have a collector's item on my hands, and to restore it. My own idea about the truck was to turn it into a camping rig and modify the seating arrangements.

    So what's the course of wisdom here? I may sell my Blazer down the road, but after a ton of sweat and new engine parts, my truck actually runs, and I want to enjoy it.


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    The biggest reason for the prices being so high on some and so low on others is all because of who is selling it. People that are "in the know" are aware of these 73-87 trucks and blazers being hot items right now. People that are not "in the know" just think of I as a 20-30 year old vehicle and place a value on it based on that. A perfect example was a blazer that just sold yesterday. It was a '87, one owner, garage kept, all original K5. It sold for $2200 because that's what the owner thought I was worth. The thing was in great shape and probably could have easily sold for $5000 and been a decent deal at that price.

    As for yours, do with it what you want. If you want to restore it and make it really nice and let it just sit in your shop then do it. If you want tl actually "use" it then fix it up and use it, but don't abuse it. If you take care of it you could always choose to do a restoration job later on down the road. Just keep the rust off of it and don't beat the body up too bad. Evrrything else to replaceable for not too much money.

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    It's not a collectors item. You see people listing them for sale wildy high in an attempt to re-coup what they have into it. There are blazers everywhere, although an original blazer chalet would probably qualify as a collectors item. It's not a great investment if you plan on selling it, as you will usually lose money. On the other hand if your going to keep it and enjoy it, why not dump some money into it.

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    I agree with what Trevor said.

    I'm interested in your comment about turning it into a camping rig and changing seating arrangements. What were you planning on doing?

    You might be interested in this old Four Wheeler article about how to convert the back of your Blazer into a bed/storage space.

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    Many times these are “emotional purchases” There are many people in this country that have more money than they know what to do with. Throwing down 20K for a K5 doesn’t mean shit to someone if they have 5 million in the bank.

    Some 16 year old punk kid may tell his dad…. I want this one! And daddy is loaded and will buy it without knowing anything or thinking twice about it.

    One thing is very very true – it’s better to buy one perfect ( if that’s what you are looking for) rather than to restore on your own. Unless you know everything about these trucks and can personally do all the labor (engine, paint, body, etc, etc,) you will always lose if you ever have to sell.

    I’m a prime example folks. I got in way over my head on my K5 and the tab keeps going higher. However, when it’s done… it will be close to show quality and probably the nicest 80’s K5 on the road. I may try to list it for sale for the hell of it and see if I can at least get my money back out… which is a lot ( have always preferred a 69-72 chevy truck)

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    No matter what it will be worth roughly half the amount you put into it...

    The Gen1's are starting to go up in price, I could probably get what I have into my 70, probably.
    I'll tell you what, the 86 is so much more fun to drive because I'm not afraid to use it and put a little trail pinstriping on it.
    I vote for making it your own and to hell with resale.
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    I agree... I don't have to sell anything I own, so it's not a big deal. The bottom line - it's a hobby for most of us, I enjoy it. At least I dont have a boat anymore!

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    350/ 350 Turbo/ NP 205
    6in Skyjacker on 35in Goodyear MTR
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    Hundreds of hours in time and thousands of dollars wasted....

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    this response started in another thread, but applies here.... one sick ass rig, 37k invested and not selling for 10k!!!! who takes the loss?

    i never said nothing about the parts being worth the price..... just pointing out that the axle ads have been seen elsewhere...

    i wouldnt pay 2k, even 1500 for the axles, but that is just me....

    when buying axles for a running rig, why buy bald rollers.... you wont want to drive them, you will have to dispose of them, and assuming that you are converting from a 6 lug you will need a good wheel set anyways.... so put the axles in when you have the wheel set.... if your rig is a 3/4 ton you most likely already have a usable wheel set and drive shafts....

    drive shafts from a 1 ton are great if you have the same drive train as the rig they were removed from... why buy them and pay to have them modified, as the total price may come close to or match the cost of having new drive shafts built....

    reality check!!!!!!!!

    to be over zealous and run out to but a 1 ton axle set for 2k leaves you with the sticker price of about 2k for a new wheel set.... again another grip of cash for good drive shafts properly fit to your application, and all the little details which can easily add another 1k....
    already up to 5k and we havent done any work to the axles (maintenance or rebuilding) hope they were in awesome shape and didnt need any $$$!!!

    now for the rig.... is it already ready for the axles, or are the axles over built for the rig..... time for more money?

    look at this rig.... 37k invested and he is only asking 10k for it...

    because it will expire NOT SOLD!!!! i will also cut and paste with pics...
    1976 Chevy Blazer - $9999 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore)
    Date: 2010-08-12, 7:59PM PDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    1976 Chevy Blazer for sale
    This Blazer is completely set up for offroading. If you are looking for a comfy ride for an occasional trip to Big Basin this is not the rig for you. The A/C has been removed but could be reinstalled with little difficulty. The body is in good shape but does have some rust starting and trail character marks. I have over $37,000 into this rig including the original purchase price and all the receipts to prove it. This is a truck for somebody who intends to do serious offroading, whether it be the Rubicon or elsewhere. Here are the specifications:

    Engine Bay:
    350 V-8 w/:
    Edelbrock Q-jet and intake
    MSD HEI distributor
    MSD spark plug wires
    MSD APS high torque mini-starter
    Doug Thorley Tri-Y ceramic coated headers
    Oil Cooler
    Transmission Cooler
    Serpentine Belt Conversion
    New high torque cam on the 350 engine
    PSC performance steering pump with remote reservoir
    PSC Performance Steering Gear
    Powermaster 140 amp alternator
    Dual Optima batteries with 140 amp isolator
    Borgeson steering shaft
    Missouri Offroad engine crossmember

    Axles and Suspension:
    Front D60 with 5.38 gears, ARB air locker, Warn HD hubs, ORD crossover steering, ORD HD tie rod, Dedenbear knuckles, Crane High Clearance Chromoly differential and cover, and steering stabilizer.
    Rear Corp14ff with 5.38 gears, Detroit Locker, Superior Chromoly axles, TSM rear disk brake conversion, Crane High Clearance Chromoly differential cover, and Missouri Offroad bolt on shock tabs.
    Tuff Country EZ ride 6? springs up front with Bilstein 5150 shocks on Ford towers with ORD HD greasable shackles
    Tuff Country EZ ride 4? springs in the rear with Bilstein 5150 shocks, greasable shackles, and ORD 4? shackle reversal

    700R4 transmission built by Schucks with HD parts (copied Bowtie Overdrive)
    ORD NP205/NP203 doubler transfer case with triple stick
    High Angle Driveline front driveshaft with 42 degree CV and 1350 yoke
    High Angle Driveline rear shaft with 1350 CV and 1410 yoke

    4x4Iron custom front bumper with KC Daylighter off-road lights and Warn 9.5ti winch and Winch Saver
    4x4Iron custom rear bumper with swing away tire carrier
    New Ford style side folding mirrors
    Five Goodyear 315/75R16 MTR?s on 16x10 steel rims
    Northwest Metal Products 45 gallon gas tank
    Hella replacement front headlights
    KC Hi-Liter driving lights

    Interior completely gutted and Line-X?ed
    Six point custom roll cage qith 1.75 DOM mandrel bends and TIG welded
    Custom seats mounted in roll cage
    Custom steering wheel
    Tuffy lockable center console mounted on roll cage with front and rear cup holders
    Custom fire extinguisher mounted on roll cage
    Custom Hi-Lift jack mounts for roll cage
    Custom shovel mounts for roll cage
    Rear tractor lights on upper roll cage facing rear
    HD rubber bed mat in rear
    Alpine stereo with Kenwood 6x9 speakers
    WFO billet triple stick knobs

    If you want to see more photos, you can go to my webshots album here: If this link does not work, go to and look up either 1976K5Blazer, all one word or also try another album I have there called K5DesertRat at There are probably other upgrades that I have forgotten to list. Please, serious buyers only. And, no I am not interested in a trade for another vehicle or taking payments. If you are simply curious as to the build, I will answer questions within reason. Please no ridiculously low offers as I do not have to sell this rig right now and the buyer should be familiar with offroading and have some knowledge of how much it would cost to build this rig yourself. This doesn't mean somebody new to the sport shouldn't respond by any means but anybody with a knowledge of truck building will recognize how much I have into the vehicle. Please, no spamming with insurance, mortgage, or Viagra offers.

    * it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
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    yes this message will be posted in another thread....

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    454 TH400 NP205 D60/14B

    1974 K5 Blazer

    350 TH400 NP203 D60/14B

    1988 V30 C&C
    TBI350 TH400 NP205 D60/14B

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    Quote Originally Posted by 84_K5 View Post
    I agree... I don't have to sell anything I own, so it's not a big deal. The bottom line - it's a hobby for most of us, I enjoy it. At least I dont have a boat anymore!
    haha i was just about to buy a boat the other day but ive seen and heard so many people say this.

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    boat = break out another thousand

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