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Thread: The GREAT BBQ thread!

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    28 degrees in a single wall smoker? Yes, you will burn some pellets in that cold. And you may have to adjust the 'P' setting if you want to smoke in cold weather. I set mine on 'P-0' when it's cold (below about 40) and 'P-4' in warmer weather. If the P number is too high it will go out before it dumps more pellets back in. Your manual should explain the P settings in depth.
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    I was actually ready for the the "P" setting. I ran across it in the manual. I had it set to P1. Seemed to keep up pretty well. Based on the digital readout, it fluctuated between 295-310. I'll take that.

    Also, good thought on the smoke for a few hours first then crank it. I also read adding a separate tube smoker like and A-MAZE-N tube would help, but I'm not looking for something else to mess with. I'll figure this thing out.
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