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Thread: Power window motor removal

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    Power window motor removal

    I've searched all over the forum and haven't seen anything regarding the best way to remove and replace the window motors from the doors. If anyone can offer me some advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance...

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    I think we had someone do that not to long ago.

    You have to get the frame disconnected at the back of the door to get the window off the sliding track. Then push the window up, get 2 suction cups with a string between them to put over the door frame and hold the window up while you take the parts out. The bolts for the motor are at the base of the door near the front. You can pull the regulator assembly out through the big square hole, then reach down to get the motor out. Take pics with a digital camera along the way so if you lose a spot you can look at it to get it back togehter.

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