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Thread: ATTN to new members who've registered and can't post anything!!!!

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    Exclamation ATTN to new members who've registered and can't post anything!!!!

    We've been having some issues with the registration process. From what we've been hearing, you register and then you never receive the confirmation email from vBulletin to confirm your identity as not being a spam bot.

    First step, check your email spam folder to make sure that the vBulletin email hasn't gotten blocked by your own email filter...

    If your spam folder is empty with nothing from send me a private message (PM) with the username and email address that you registered. I'll see if you are sitting in the hopper as a "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation"...if so, I'll switch you over to verified user.

    Edit: Also don't forget to check this section out ---> Board FAQ

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    I have a couple questions regarding electrical. but im not permitted to post replies or threads?

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    I believe a mod needs to approve your first post. you should be good to go after that.
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