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Thread: Mig Welder Regulator

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    Mig Welder Regulator

    Been doing some welding over the weekend making some repairs to a trailer.

    Today I ran out of wire, changed the spool and between welds and grinding the regulator just started leaking for no reason out the vent.

    I leave the regulator set and just turn the bottle off when done so had not even touched the T handle of the regulator other than I have a habit of hooking my helmets head band on the bottle rather that laying it down.

    I took the regulator valve apart a couple times and even tried to stretch the spring.

    Any thoughts?

    The welder is a Century 30/130 110v before the merger with Lincoln so its over ten years old but has never failed me.


    If I purchase a new regulator is there any reason I can't upgrade to one of the Tube style Flow Meter regulators rather that the twin gauge type?

    This is the style I have now:


    This would be what I would replace it with:

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    That is what i use at work for MIG and TIG welding. Harris brand flowmeters.
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