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Thread: need help and advice on transmission swap

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    Quote Originally Posted by daily_k5 View Post
    The Advertised power is 230hp and 385lb-ft torque.
    With this power I would build the 700. It will depend on what year the trans is to determine how much work it needs to beef it up. The newer the better. Mine is a 92. Last year non-computer controlled.
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    I'd say build the 700 and the key to making it live a long life is get yourself an Auxillary cooler and put a good upgraded clutch package, shift kit, and from what I read all the rage lately is the corvette servo (but I have seen many pro and cons on that). Be sure and remove the cooling loop through the radiator (because it will heat soak your tranny fluid).

    Also, make sure your gear set is appropriate for your tire sizes and what not because if you have crazy tall gears and big tires then your just working the hell out of your transmission needlessly.

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    If you use the electronically controlled trans you can get a standalone controller from here I used one in my Blazer for a 47re trans. It's real simple to use.

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    I'm not sure what a 47re transmission is but FWIW if you choose to go with a GM auto that is electronically controlled you can spend the money for a stand alone controller, and they work really well, and if you want to do it on a budget you can get a PCM out of a 2000 to 2007 GM truck (look for the 0411 PCM) and the corresponding harness. You can then strip the wires down to only what you need to control the trans and account for the motor input and it will control either a 4l60E or a 4l80E and the only thing you need to be able to provide to the pcm is engine speed, and throttle position, coolant temp, and vehicle speed??? Some of the kits may need less. There may be one or two other inputs needed but considering you can get a PCM for around 75 USD and a harness for around 100 its a lot cheaper than the standalone E-controllers, the only catch 22 is you will need someone to tune the PCM and do a segment swap for the 4l80E controls so factor in about another 100 USD. I'm sure if you talk to a few trans/Ls guru's they can point you better in the right direection...

    Here is a link about the 4l80E setup... Most info will be applicable to the 4l60 e as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpcraft View Post
    Be sure and remove the cooling loop through the radiator (because it will heat soak your tranny fluid).
    Be careful about removing the radiator cooling loop, especially if you live in a colder climate (northern states or Canada), as the tranny needs to be at operating temperature to shift properly (usually around 175 degrees)...

    If you live in a colder climate area and remove the radiator loop then the tranny will never fully warm up (especially if you hit highway speeds)... I live in North TX area and it doesn't usually get all that cold here... My brother installed a cooler on his without the radiator loop and the tranny wouldn't shift properly when it was colder... He had to put the radiator back in the loop for it to shift properly...

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