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Thread: Fix broken link of photobucket nonsense - Chrome only (maybe firefox)

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    Fix broken link of photobucket nonsense - Chrome only (maybe firefox)

    Guys, I am a man of multiple habits and projects. While on one of my MC forums tonight I discovered a link to someone who has created an extension in chrome to allow us to see the old photobucket images that they are trying to block and charge money for. Nothing is gauranteed and I am sure photobucket will try to find a way to screw everyone but I have installed it and it does work. All of Gobblers thread stuff showed up and a slew of other forum posts where I could not see photos because of the PB blocking.

    Here is a link to install:

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    Yes, this worked for me! Enjoying all the build threads and How-to's at the moment. Thanks!
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    Nice find!!!!

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