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Thread: Hey Gang!

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    Hey Gang!

    Long time no see! Part of the problem was, this site wouldn't let me log in, have no idea why it decided to do it this am now?

    Not much has been going on here in NW Arkansas. I lost the use of my legs back on March 28th for about a week. Nobody can seem to figure out what the hell is going on either! The doctors down here just told me, "We don't know what to do with you"! Really gives you a vote of confidence I tell ya! Went to Mayo Clinic, and they ruled out some things, but basically called it "Undiagnosed Disorders", meaning they don't know what the hell is going on either. I've had a couple more surgeries since I "think" I was last on, but nothing major. More to come I'm sure.

    Haven't really spent a lot of time reading posts, but looks like things are pretty much SSDD on this place. Still trying to make some sawdust when my body allows me to.

    Y'all take care now!
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    Glad to hear from ya! Sorry to hear about the misfortunes. Hope they get you all ironed out soon. Good luck buddy!
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    Good hearing from you Timber!!!

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    Bout time you got yourself logged back in! Sorry to hear about the continued health issues. I sure hope those "Undiagnosed Disorders" stays away and leaves you alone. No need for that stuff. I bet it was scary. Take care Kevin!

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    You have already been through He!!, hope they figure out what is going on!
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    Good to hear from you Kevin!

    Being married to a woman who has mysterious issues I've been part of the switch hunt for the source of her deamons. It is surprising how food can be triggers for a great deal of health triggers.

    What is more frustrating is when she follows one course of action like eating more bananas, another potential treatment says she should not be eating those things...

    Good luck with your search for answers.
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