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Thread: AC Delco CR43TS plug swap ?

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    Question AC Delco CR43TS plug swap ?

    I was going over my 88 LO5 TBI 350, and I replaced the spark plugs. The stock plugs are AC Delco CR43TS and listed along with them was AC Delco #1 Platinum Rapid- fire and I bought 8 and installed them. Once I started the engine it ran very, very smooth and I have no problem in driving them . Side by side their identical other than the CR43TS are gaped @ 0.35 and the Platinum are gaped @ 0.45. Can I do this without a problem ? I should mention that the engine is already fitted with a MSD 40.000 volt coil and cap and rotor. And I put on a set of AC Delco Professional wires they come with a 3 year warranty. It runs so good I'm on my But& by the difference in performance.
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