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Thread: Ford 9" for 82 K5

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    Will definitely look into that. Been researching as much as i can and reading alot of the threads here. I am all about doing things once and doing it right and dont like to cut corners. Thanks to all who have helped. Now if i can just finish the assembly on the 388 it should be back on the road. Engine has fought me the whole way. Little things like getting sent the wrong piston rings in the correctly labeled box etc. 2 sfeps forward, 3 steps backwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom A View Post
    Personally, I wouldn't put a Gov-lock in anything. The 14bsf in my truck came complete with a broken Gov-lock, so I know the 14-bolt isn't immune to breakage, either. Fortunately, it wasn't grenaded, but it had some stripped gear teeth and didn't work. Didn't matter to me because I was putting a Detroit in it, anyway.

    To the OP, a 14bsf is a great choice for what you want to do, and it's nearly a bolt-in. You just have to change the perches. And they aren't very expensive if you shop around.
    I agree with the gov lock sentiments. In the larger ones the governor fails like yours. In the little units like 10/12 bolts the carrier breaks in half. But, in the larger units they are pretty strong. Heck, my Dura Max has one. Other than the 10 and 12 bolts they hold up pretty good. Maybe not for hardcore wheelin but lighter use they hold up.

    And I also think its hard to beat a good ol' Detroit. Except maybe with a Grizzly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AV8TER View Post
    And I also think its hard to beat a good ol' Detroit. Except maybe with a Grizzly.
    Yup. I have a Grizzly in the front. :-)

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