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Thread: Found out something wasn't a myth today...

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    Found out something wasn't a myth today...

    So i added a later model Chevy PMGR starter on my Blazer...all was good. Then i wanted to be special and add a Ford starter relay...didn't need it but i was upgrading my wires and liked the idea of not always having live power on the starter.

    Well at some point i saw this warning online before:

    Your new PMGR Starter may come with a Bus Bar to facilitate using the original Direct Drive Starter wiring by connecting the relay switched Starter Motor power to the new Starter Mounted Solenoid. DO NOT USE THE BUS BAR or jumper the large Starter Solenoid Main Post to the small Solenoid Start Post in an attempt to eliminate the need for a separate 12v Start Wire.

    Doing so can damage your PMGR Starter by causing Starter Run-On for approximately 2 seconds after you release the start key. This is due to the remaining spinning starter motor energy generating mechanical voltage until it has completely stopped.

    A motor uses electrical energy to produce mechanical energy, and a generator uses mechanical energy to produce electrical energy. They are very similar. If a motor is spun it will produce electricity.

    When the Starter Relay opens, there is no BATTERY power going to the starter, but the voltage generated by the spinning starter motor can keep the new PMGR Starter Mounted Solenoid from de-energizing quickly and retracting the gear from the flywheel.

    Some of that hippy mumbo jumbo....well last night it was cold and i cranked my blazer up and it revved up quick to warm the engine. I heard a horrible whine and then a bang... That better not be my engine. After pulling the plugs and seeing the engine still turned, i pulled the flywheel access cover....saw the starter gear still engaged. Tested the starter and it didn't work.

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    Eew...that's not good news

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    Quote Originally Posted by GobblerK5 View Post
    Eew...that's not good news

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    I'm just glad that it wasn't my engine. I can get another starter for $40 or new for $145. I need to figure out how to rewire it though. The "correct" way ford did it later gives me a live battery cable to the starter again, which i didn't want, and the starter relay only handles the ignition power to engage the starter... i could've used a much smaller relay just for that.


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