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Thread: Adjusting shift rod on the np208 transfercase

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    Thumbs up Adjusting shift rod linkage on the NP-208 transfercase np208 tcase

    I just adjusted mine yet again. Factory manual covers this but is confusing unless you have GM specific tools.
    So I'll help you out the easy way.
    Remove shift connection from the manual shift lever.
    It's the actual hand shifters link underside.
    Place shift selector in the 4 high position.
    On the transfer case slide the selector all the way to the back position. Verify by trying to move drive shafts, both front and rear should be locked into 4low btw.
    Bring the TC shift selector forward two clicks, verify both shafts are engaged in 4high.
    Loosen the connection bolts on shift rod out about an inch both ways.
    Connect shift rod back onto manual shifter.
    Bring the rear adjuster nut towards the connector.

    There must be a gap of .200 gage between the rear nut/connector.....
    Or......eyeball the exact thickness of the adjuster nut. It's almost .200 thick.
    Make sure you push the manual lever forward when checking the gap. This ensures the hand selector inside is against the stop..
    Ok now tighten the front nut towards the back nut.
    You should be pretty much dead on.
    Verify you have all your gears.
    Double check for tightened nuts.
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    Good stuff, I'm gonna have mine out of the truck soon so this is great information for putting it back togther properly.
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    Hey I'm working on the leakage right now. Up top I got the shifter in 4high.. down low tc is in 4high.. rear bolt is ALL the way back but connector is right next to the shifter handle hole but it doesn't have room to go back any further....

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    Found this today... might help someone, attached with PDF file that has everything labeled.
    NP 208
    Put transfer case lever in 4HI position.
    Push lower shifter lever forward to 4HI stop.
    Install rod swivel in shift lever hole.
    Hang 0.20 thick gauge cover rod behind swivel.
    Run rear rod nut "A" against gauge with shifter against 4HI stop.
    Remove gauge and push swivel rearward against nut "A".
    Run front rod nut "B" against swivel and tighten.
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