Blazer Tech

The Rear Window Safety Switch Bypass

By Lew Pratt



Disclaimer: Do not perform this modification to your vehicle.

Some time ago our Blazer's rear window would not go up. It would go down just fine. This was caused by the windows safety switch malfunctioning. I am not too concerned with the reasons why GM wanted the safety switch in there in the first place but I know, I can't afford a new one and personally do not need it... what I need is for the rear window to go up.

To bypass the safety switch use the following procedure.

1. Roll the window down and open the tailgate.

2. Remove the access plate.

3. Carefully reach into the left side near the top. About 10 inches in you will find a switch.

4. Unplug the connector from the switch. The harness is just long enough to reach the connector back to where you can see it.

5. Make a jumper from a single 16 Gauge wire, with two spade ends and insert into the connector.

6. Tie rap the connector up out of the way and rap it in electrical tape. I used the connecting rod on the tailgate latch linkage.

7. Replace cover plate.

8. Shut tailgate and roll up window.

Note: Your window can roll up without the tailgate being closed. This can allow the window to break. Use this information at your own risk. You do not want to break the window as it is several hundred dollars to replace.